Workplace Investigations

We at The Sellers Investigative Group fully understand the sensitive legal issues which surround the handling of situation that could potentially result in some form of litigation.  We recommend to all of our clients that they retain a qualified Employment Law attorney in each incident. Our team of bilingual, qualified investigators and security experts have years of experience and understand the issues of concern faced by employers in today’s business environment.

Intellectual Property (IP) Enforcement and Investigation Services

During recent years Intellectual Property theft has increased by leaps and bounds in the corporate environment continues to rise at an alarming rate.  We at The Sellers Investigative Group keep our client’s informed and up to date on protecting their Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property is property that results from the client’s, client’s employees or agent’s original creative thought and work product, such as patents, copyrighted material, and registered trademarks. Intellectual Property owners are the possessors of the registered trademark or copyright which is known as “brand owning”. As the brand owner, the client has the legal right to decide how, when, and where their Intellectual Property get changed, manufactured, distributed, franchised and or sold.

These are the rights of the Intellectual Property owner and they are exclusive to the owner alone.

Trademark infringement is a violation of the exclusive rights a trademark owner has been provided by law, such as using a logo identical or similar to one owned by another party.

Intellectual Property Theft goes by many names yet is not limited to the following: Counterfeiting, Piracy, and Bootlegging.

Counterfeit – the creation of a replica item, product or service with the intent to defraud (knock-off) and draw patrons, clients or the public away from the original brand owner.

Piracy – Most often refers to the duplication and distribution of audio or visual recordings and programming which is the exclusively property of the brand owner.

Bootleg – The unauthorized recording and or distribution of a live performance either audio or visual such as a sports or entertainment event without the brand owner’s consent.

Victims of Intellectual Property theft lose income, reputations as a brand owner, and patron faith and followings. There are also health and safety issues which arise and affect the consumer in cases of Intellectual Property theft.  Counterfeit products are found everywhere; on the Internet, in stores, in specialty shops, in small retail establishments, at flea markets, with sidewalk vendors, on the internet and the like. Intellectual Property theft is illegal and consumers, who buy counterfeit merchandise, knowing it or not, find themselves funding illegal activities, organized crime, drug trafficking, and even terrorism.

Counterfeiters will go to any lengths to smuggle in their illegal goods into an unsuspecting market which the consumer trusts.  Our agency has seen counterfeiters cleverly packaging their illegal imports by covering counterfeit “knock-off” labels with generic labels; after clearing customs, they remove the generic labels and then sell counterfeit items with the brand owner’s trademark.  Recent we were assigned a case with a very well know Tobacco Company who sustained the loss of a cigarette labeling and rolling machine which was discovered out of the country.  The cigarettes which were made came into the U.S. and were sold for half the established retail value.  At that price everyone that bought them knew that the produce was stolen or a knock-off.  The only thing that the counterfeiters did not obtain was the tobacco blend of the cigarette.  So, the cigarettes were packaged identical to the “brand” product, only they tasted differently.  Only an experienced blend expert could tell the difference.  Millions were lost by the brand owner in this one incident.

Intellectual Property thieves will go to any length to bring in the accelerated income which knock-offs can bring. When these incidents occur in a business or within a corporation they need our experts to help protect their Intellectual Property. We at The Sellers Investigative Group have a network of trained and experienced colleagues worldwide who are able to assist us in protecting your Intellectual Property rights. It has been the goal of our IP Investigative Team to provide long term solutions during the course of identifying the presence of the problem, locating the source and responsible parties of the theft, distribution locations, funding source and channels of distribution of the illegal merchandise.  Then being all former law enforcement officers work with our friends and former colleagues within the local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to bring about full prosecution of all involved parties to the crime.

Monitoring Traditional Intellectual Property Trade and eCommerce

As COVERT SURVEILLANCE EXPERTS, The Sellers Investigative Group have conducted many sophisticated surveillance and undercover assignments which specialized in identifying counterfeit products and illegal sports and event broadcasting for financial gain. In our world today the internet has had tremendous growth in eCommerce and as a result, our agency has had to include eCommerce monitoring of auction sites such as eBay, Craig’s List and others as we conduct our investigations. We also assist brand owners in tracking down Intellectual Property thieves and identifying the source and markets in which they sell their products

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