Workplace Theft Investigations

We at The Sellers Investigative Group know from experience that No company, large or small, is immune from theft.

Employee theft is costing American business over $40 billion a year and is increasing by 15-30% per year depending on the company’s geographical area. At one time or another every employer will experience theft within his or her workplace. Few of these thefts will actually be investigated, because investigating theft is complex and costly. Faced with the challenging economical times in the State of California, businesses are less able to sustain losses and still be able to maintain business as usual.  This environment makes workplace theft investigations increasingly more important.  This is where we at The Sellers Investigative Group can help by doing a complete investigation on TIME and on TARGET the first time and keeping the investigation within budget.

It is a fact that today the common thief is more sophisticated in the commission of his or her chosen crimes which include fraud, identity theft, embezzlement or other crimes which often require computer network and IT forensic investigations and associated investigative interviews of those involved. Employers must be more vigilant and do everything possible to prevent, deter and investigate workplace theft. In order to know what action to take, or to find out whether action is even necessary, the employer has to investigate the incident and reveal the facts and then formulate a plan of action.

The Sellers Investigative Group conducts thorough and complete investigations in all area relating to employee workplace theft throughout California and within many different industries, involving both union and non-union environments.

There are many benefits to using an unbiased third party to conduct company investigations and employee interviews that can stop the theft of company assets. A well-planned and executed workplace investigation by an experienced private investigator firm can be a very effective way to identify those employees, employee associates and possibly family members who may be involved in the company theft and prevent its recurrence.

A thorough and complete investigation provides the employer and legal counsel with a solid basis for taking corrective action and defending against claims of inaction and unfair treatment before they come about.  When done by qualified and professional investigative staff an investigation can keep the company out of court, and enable the company to seek prosecution of all parties involved in the crime.

Investigation Interviews

As an employer, you need a solid basis for taking action and defending yourself against claims of inaction and unfair treatment. The objective of a workplace investigation is to reveal the facts surrounding each incident so you can make an informed decision.

The Sellers Investigative Group investigate misconduct such as workplace substance abuse, substance sales, fraud, sexual harassment, theft hate crimes and/or criminal activities to determine the true nature and scope of the problem and how it is impacting your business.

Interview Objectives:

  • Report all forms of employee misconduct, crimes against other employees and the organization.
  • Gather all information and evidence connected to the suspected employee or suspected problem in a way that allows management to enforce its policies, procedures and carry out the appropriate corrective action.
  • Conduct a complete and thorough fact-finding investigation without being disruptive to the company, its daily operations, or employee morale.
  • Structure the investigative process to reduce the company’s liability, improve morale and increase profits.
  • After the information-gathering and fact-finding phase of the workplace investigation, we can also perform bilingual, Spanish/English and hearing impaired (ASL) interviews of certain individuals if they become a part of the investigation and it is found that these individuals have firsthand knowledge about alleged misconduct.

Through our trained and skilled staff who utilize the latest interview techniques we are able to obtain information which is unprecedented in the areas of obtaining admissions without coercion, threats, or promises of leniency to the guilty employee(s).

In all situations we obtain written, verbal, and tape-recorded statements from all parties which were involved and interviewed. Our investigators then bring together the information from other employee interviews to verify and confirm all information by more than one source when possible. This method of investigation provides a complete overall view of the incident and all parties involved.

Our interviews take approximately 1 to 3 hours each to complete, unless special circumstances dictate otherwise. The lengths of the interviews are determined by the level of cooperation of the employee and volume of information which the employee has to provide.

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