We at The Sellers Investigative Group believe that successful litigation depends on obtaining all and most importantly critical Information from victims, witnesses and any other individual who might be associated with the case or the involved parties in any way.

Most of our clients are Law firms and corporate in-house counsel, who call on our expertise of gathering all appropriate and necessary evidence associated to the case through investigation contacts, surveillance, and face to face interviews. With our experienced and bilingual staff we can provide a wide range of reliable, confidential legal support services including the assessment of expert witnesses, locating witnesses and experts which would be essential to a successful trial outcome in the client’s behalf.

Our investigators are seasoned former law enforcement and corporate litigation specialists who are knowledgeable in litigation support techniques, and have been trained to provide credible, expert testimony when required thus our agency slogan, “Truth Revealed by Professionals”.  Our staff’s analysis of evidence includes but is not limited to crime scene, computer forensic and accounting services and includes workplace environment studies.

We also serve our clients in the areas of administrative or investigative interviews and our staff also has a reputation of working under and within the most difficult conditions and circumstances surrounding class action suits.

Our investigators are trained and experienced in conducting investigations within our client’s internal corporate guidelines and are well aware of all local, state and federal laws associated to the client’s case.

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