Defending Criminal Charges

“DON'T PLEAD GUILTY WITHOUT INVESTIGATING THE FACTS FIRST”, is what we say at The Sellers Investigative Group.  Nothing beats a quality attorney and investigator to act in your behalf.

It's a well-settled fact that when defending a client against local, State and or Federal Government agencies concerning charges which have been brought against the client, the client need assistance in the collection of evidence to use in the client’s defense. Often times the client finds him or herself incarcerated so they cannot gather the evidence on their own behalf. The client also needs to have other services performed such as the collecting of police reports, the interviewing of witnesses and experts to secure the evidence they will need to show their innocence or to place doubt in the mind of the “Trier of Fact” in the case, the jury.

We all know without a doubt that the prosecutors in the County District Attorney’s Office and law enforcement will being doing their best to keep defendant friendly evidence, known as "exculpatory evidence" from being used by the client in their own defense. This despite the U.S. Supreme Court's instructions requiring the disclosure of exculpatory evidence, the system has found loopholes to avoid fulfilling this requirement and putting the presser on the accused.  Trained and experienced criminal defense investigators know most if not all of the prosecutions tricks and tactics.

Black's Law Dictionary defines "exculpatory evidence" evidence in the control of the Government which tends to suggest innocence or which may tend to mitigate the level of guilt.

An example would be when a police officer arranges a drug purchase through a confidential informant and it was the officer who sets the quantity . . . .  By setting the quantity high you are likely to be sentenced for a longer term.  Just what if that officer set the amount lower . . . what then?  The most under appreciated use of the exculpatory evidence rule is for "mitigation."

An experienced attorney will always immediately conduct an investigation on behalf of his client using the services of a trained and experienced professional investigator such as The Sellers Investigative Group to perform these needed tasks.  At The Sellers Investigative Group we immediately out in the community contacting witnesses and gathering evidence on the client’s behalf.  It is the investigator’s job to find that potentially case breaking defense witnesses before law enforcement officials or the County District Attorney’s Office investigators.  The information gleaned from these involved parties and witnesses will always be influential in making a strong case in the client’s defense.

Witnesses in the community have a way of being intimidated by police and DA’s investigators to side with the prosecution because they are who they are and many time fear agency reprisal.  Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to have an investigator who can obtain statements from these witnesses before they are corrupted by the prosecutions tricks and tactics.

We at The Sellers Investigative Group are focused throughout the investigation to seek out a key information and alibi witness, and to establish trustworthy eyewitnesses which will confirm the facts as the client presents them. We will also seek to identify the prosecution’s witnesses and seek information and knowledge about that witnesses true identification, weaknesses as a witness, and their motives for stepping forward to testify against our client.

A thorough investigation on the client’s behalf by The Sellers Investigative Group, the client’s attorney can prepare the client’s case for trial from a position of strength and confidence rather than weakness and uncertainty.

A criminal defense investigator requires specific knowledge, experience and skill to properly prepare a defense strategy for his or her clients. Unlike other cases, “false allegations” cannot be prepared for and defended the same.  The falsely accused must defend their innocence and provide information which places doubt in the minds of the jury as to his or her guilt. A thorough investigation is critical to the outcome of the client’s case. The Sellers Investigative Group all formerly law enforcement officers knows the players and the playing field and will work closely with the client’s criminal defense attorney during defense trial preparation in any County, State and Federal court and can handle both misdemeanor and felony criminal cases

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