Crime scenes investigations have historically been restricted to government and law enforcement agencies who could afford to have large laboratories and criminalists to analyze the evidence found at the scene of a crime or incident such as a traffic accident, corporate theft, residential burglary, assaults, suicides, auto theft, computer crime, fraudulent document crime as well as other incidents where the perpetrator may leave evidence at the scene. The cost of a quality lab and qualified specialists made access to crime scene forensics all but out of reach to the private corporate sector and the private consumer.

In the last 10 years those same criminalists who worked for governmental agencies analyzing evidence are retiring and opening up their own labs to directly serve corporate America and the public at large. These criminalists and trained Crime Scene Investigators are now making these services available not only to legal defense teams and large Corporations; they are reaching out to small business and the general public to ensure that the scales of justice are balanced in the arena of collecting, photographing, videotaping and analyzing evidence. As these services became openly available private counsel, defense counsel and the private consumer who were pursuing legal action quickly began to utilize the benefits of being able to have physical evidence independently collected, reviewed, and processed by an independent and qualified crime scene investigator.  Currently, the demand for criminalist, investigators and analysts to work in this field has grown in proportion to the point that requests and assignments to perform the job function have by far outnumbered the skilled professionals now working in the private sector.

In 2007, The Sellers Investigative Group created a Crime Scene Unit to address the demand in the private sector for these services.  The Sellers Investigative Group has trained and skilled crime scene investigators which are trained in many disciplines of crime scene evidence collection.  The Sellers Investigative Group also works jointly with notable private crime labs in the State of California and across the Nation to assure that each of our clients have access to quality Forensic Services. Our Crime Scene Unit can provide professional, skilled and qualified forensic crime scene staff to cases throughout the State of California, there is no assignment to small or to large for our personnel. Our lead crime scene investigator has 16 years crime scene investigation experience which was obtained within the criminal justice system and law enforcement in the State of California. The Sellers Investigative Group crime scene investigators have experience in the areas of but not limited to court room testimony, latent print processing and identification, collecting shoeprint and tire tread impression evidence, bloodstain and spatter pattern analysis, crime scene protocol and photography and video-photography.

The Sellers Investigative Groups Crime Scene Unit will accept assignments involving:

  • Collecting and analyzing Tire tread impression evidence
  • Collecting and analyzing Shoe print impression evidence
  • Fingerprint and latent print identification and analysis, general
  • Fingerprint and latent print identification and analysis, documents
  • Physical evidence collecting and processing
  • Bloodstain and Splatter analysis
  • Crime scene protocol
  • Forensic photography
  • Physical matches
  • Latent bloodstain detection
  • Collection of serological and trace evidence
  • Crime scene and incident reconstruction
  • Physical evidence procedures and protocol

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