The Sellers Investigative Group is dedicated to assisting clients with case investigations relating to mortgage fraud and mortgage improprieties. The Sellers Investigative Group has trained and experienced staff members in house and a strong network of 100’s of investigator colleagues throughout the United States to meet our client’s needs. Our Mortgage Fraud Division provides our clients with timely returns on each case that is presented. Usually within 45 days from the time a case is received, we are submitting our final report completed for our client’s review.

Beginning in the late 2007, our specially trained mortgage industry investigators began assisting bankers, private mortgage insurance providers, title companies, lenders, and investors by investigating improprieties coming to light in loan files, with document audits and by validating claims information.  All of our Mortgage Fraud Investigators have worked in the mortgage industry themselves and know the document process and protocols.

C. W. Sellers, the founder of The Sellers Investigative Group, says, "When we began this division of investigation it was mainly an avenue to provide colleagues who were now out of work due to the market crash an avenue of income, I never could have visualized that this new division would become what it has.  The out of control lending habits which lead to the recent market crash in California has increased the volume of fraudulent loans investigation requests beyond what I had ever expected. We at The Sellers Investigative Group are very proud of our NEW Mortgage fraud Division and I am pleased with the mortgage professionals we have trained to be the top investigative personnel in the field.  We were smart in our decision to train mortgage industry personnel to be investigators.  These staff members know Mortgage issues first hand.

Everyone involved in today’s mortgage industry expect the borrower and others involved in the documents process to provide true, fact based responses on all of the industry required documents. Any misrepresented, omitted or committed deceptions during the process will justify investigative staff to further investigate into the:

  1. Denying of coverage based on fraud, or
  2. A request to reclaim, "buyback" a mortgage.

The Sellers Investigative Group will provide you with experienced, mortgage industry trained staff, who have proven in-depth knowledge of the mortgage document process. They will assist with document review in each allegation of mortgage fraud and will assess each case for the presents of FRAUD.  If fraudulent documents and acts are present we will reveal and report them as well as assist you in the preparation all court actions which may follow. 

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