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Insurance Industry

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At The Sellers Investigative Group, we have developed and maintain a well-earned reputation for partnering with the Insurance Industry to aggressively combat abuse and fraud in every insurance claim we investigate.

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Family Law

There are traumatic moments in one's life when the corrosive effects of doubt and suspicion towards those who are dear and close threaten one's best judgment. It may be the shadow of an extramarital relationship, a spouse's financial wrongdoing, or child misconduct. On these occasions, knowledge of the facts is the only remedy, and the relentless pursuit of the truth is the best strategy in the quest for peace of mind.

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Workplace Investigations

We at The Sellers Investigative Group fully understand the sensitive legal issues which surround the handling of situation that could potentially result in some form of litigation.  We recommend to all of our clients that they retain a qualified Employment Law attorney in each incident. Our team of bilingual, qualified investigators and security experts have years of experience and understand the issues of concern faced by employers in today’s business environment.

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Small Business

Workplace Theft Investigations

We at The Sellers Investigative Group know from experience that No company, large or small, is immune from theft.

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Litigation Support

We at The Sellers Investigative Group believe that successful litigation depends on obtaining all and most importantly critical Information from victims, witnesses and any other individual who might be associated with the case or the involved parties in any way.

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Criminal Law

Defending Criminal Charges

“DON'T PLEAD GUILTY WITHOUT INVESTIGATING THE FACTS FIRST”, is what we say at The Sellers Investigative Group.  Nothing beats a quality attorney and investigator to act in your behalf.

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Crime Scene

Crime scenes investigations have historically been restricted to government and law enforcement agencies who could afford to have large laboratories and criminalists to analyze the evidence found at the scene of a crime or incident such as a traffic accident, corporate theft, residential burglary, assaults, suicides, auto theft, computer crime, fraudulent document crime as well as other incidents where the perpetrator may leave evidence at the scene. The cost of a quality lab and qualified specialists made access to crime scene forensics all but out of reach to the private corporate sector and the private consumer.

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Mortgage Fraud Division

The Sellers Investigative Group is dedicated to assisting clients with case investigations relating to mortgage fraud and mortgage improprieties. The Sellers Investigative Group has trained and experienced staff members in house and a strong network of 100’s of investigator colleagues throughout the United States to meet our client’s needs. Our Mortgage Fraud Division provides our clients with timely returns on each case that is presented. Usually within 45 days from the time a case is received, we are submitting our final report completed for our client’s review.

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General Investigations

Sexual Harassment

We here at The Sellers Investigative Group know that most of our clients have already implemented policies and preventive measures to prevent their liability exposure and or address harassment in their workplace environments.  But SB 76 makes the employers liable for sexual harassment by non-employees as well if the employer knows or should have known of the incident, and fails to take action.  Today the number of new cases where plaintiffs are suing employers for sexual harassment is skyrocketing.

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