I want to thank CW for the recent recommendation on Linked In. Ironically, it is I, who owes him a recommendation for going out of his way for me. As I was retiring from the SSF Police Department, CW encouraged me to look toward a retail career and he guided me to a contact at Safeway Stores Loss Prevention. The Safeway opportunity led to 31 years of successful retail management experience in Loss Prevention and Facilities.

After years of no contact, we reconnected through Linked In. I'm not surprised that CW has built a successful Private Investigation business through his knowledge, perseverance and caring for others. I find it incredible that he has once again stepped out to mentor me when he is under no pressure to do so. It just shows you what type of person he is.

Tony Smith, Police Sergeant, Detective, Officer, South San Francisco Police Department

Surveillance Leads to Six Burglary Counts and Arrest

I would like to whole heartedly thank and congratulate C.W. Sellers of The Sellers Investigative Group in Modesto, California for his work in a joint effort investigation with my firm. My client retained my firm to conduct surveillance on the former employee who for over one year has been burglarizing his clients' establishments, stealing from his clients and committing additional thefts and further crimes against his company.

The investigation was brought to a successful end by surveillance efforts conducted on the suspect in Northern California. Along with another employee, Mr. Sellers was able to follow the suspect (former employee) from his home, obtain video evidence of his criminal acts and present that evidence to two police departments affecting an arrest of the employee during the commission of his crimes.

Together, these departments have charged the former employee with six(6) felony countsof burglary and the District Attorney's Office of the county has agreed to open numerous other cases of Grand Theft and Burglary, and prosecute the former employee of our client for Commercial Burglary and Grand Theft, both felony charges.

The police departments in this case have also lauded Mr. Sellers and his team of surveillance experts for their surveillance work which resulted in obtaining video evidence of four(4) Commercial Burglaries while in progress along with further documented evidence which cialis en ligne lead to a total of six(6) felony counts to date. The police agencies involved simply could not believe their eyes when they watched the video and were extremely happy with our joint efforts in this case.

John A. Gagliano, JAG Investigations & Legal Support Services

Pinkerton highly trusts C.W. Sellers and the level of support his team can provide to assignments.

Michael Delamere

If persistence, availability, high professionalism, loyalty and excellent work product are value to you, I strongly recommend the assistance of The Sellers Investigative Group.

Loren Mandel, Attorney at Law and former San Diego Alternate Defender

I want to take this opportunity to tell the investigative community that I think C.W. is a solid professional. He is an active member of the California Association of Licensed investigators and is in a leadership position as Chair of Ethics Committee. i have had occasion to get to know C.W. and I can tell you that he is knowledgeable, involved, opinionated and aware of the issues facing us all today.

Fred Ritz, President, Advent investigative Group

C.W. Sellers has been a colleague for more than 30 years, as a fellow police officer, and now in private practice. His professionalism and ethics are above reproach, and I highly recommend his services, for any aspect of private investigations. C.W. has developed a cadre of investigators that are equped to handle all aspects of investigations, for all sizes of companies. It is a pleasure to have C.W. as a colleague, and as a friend.

Rick Albee, President, DataChasers Inc

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